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Fengcheng Yanwei Machinery Forging Co., Ltd is a company specializing in manufacturing turbocharger products with 17 years of professional manufacturing experience. We have more than 1000 models of turbochargers, which are continuously improved on the quality. We always have good cooperative relationship with the customers, who are mainly from European markets. Products line mainly includes the turbochargers for passenger cars, trucks, engineering machinery, etc. We provide a series of turbo parts including turbochargers, turbo cartridges, rotors, repair kits, turbine housing, compress housing, actuator, VNT etc. Every part is developed according to the original model in order to accurately match to the size required, it does mean that every part can be freely changed as needed. The quality of products are highly guaranteed, which are tested strictly by the advanced manufacturing equi...
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We provide a series of turbine parts such as turbochargers, turbochargers, ro...
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In the 2020 Yanwei Machinery Company’s annual meeting, Mr. Jiang is giv...